class OffsetCommitResponse

Header File: <libkafka_asio/offset_commit_response.h>

Namespace: libkafka_asio

Implementation of the Kafka OffsetCommitResponse as described on the Kafka wiki. An object of this type will be given as response object to the handler function when invoking an offset commit request.

Member Functions


const Topics& topics() const

Returns the data of this API response object, sorted by topic.



struct Topic {
    Partitions partitions;
  • partitions: The partition objects contained in this topic object.


struct Partition {
    Int16 error_code;
  • error_code: Kafka error for this topic partition.


typedef std::map<String, Topic> Topics

Map that associates the offset commit response part of topics to their topic names.


typedef std::map<Int32, Partition> Partitions

Map that associates a Partition object to the partition id.


typedef boost::optional<OffsetCommitResponse> OptionalType

A offset-commit response object wrapped using Boost optional. Such an object will be used for offset-commit request handler functions.